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Tue May 18 10:17:54 PDT 2004

On Mon May 17, 2004 at 10:05:57PM -0500, timh at wrote:
> new installer, great idea. I have a question..

That's 2 questions. :)

> How much money do you require to finish this project?

That, I have no idea, and because...

> Is this project even active anymore?

Not really. It's been almost a year now since anything significant
happened on the list.

I personally am not involved very much in libh anymore, and leave space
for other, maybe less ambitious but more realistic, projects like libpkg
which should make the current system work better instead of re-inventing
the wheel.

I feel that libh has taken too long the role of a failed promise for the
FreeBSD community and rightly deserves to die now. Each year or so, new
volunteers crash their heads against this wall, without real impact, and
I actually feel libh hinders real improvements of the packaging system
by giving a false hope of a coming revelation. :)


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