Jonathan Belson jon at
Thu Jun 10 13:18:04 GMT 2004

> On Sunday 06 June 2004 02:50 am, Jonathan Belson wrote:
> Reading through the page, this general design is straight forward, but
> the specifics are dependent upon DragonFly's libcaps, which FreeBSD
> does not have. So this doesn't look like something we can grab "as is"
> from DragonFly, without first importing libcaps and its messaging
> model.

The other possibility is porting it to use a native interface.

> I've been thinking about this for quite some time, and tried to rough
> out some designs. The hardest thing to write is this generic UI
> abstraction. The fact that no one has done it successfully before means

PicoGUI (which I mentioned in my original e-mail) appears to have a number
of video drivers, including one for ncurses.  I don't have a linux
installation handy to test it with so I don't know how generic it is.
Interesting project though.



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