LibH is dead.

Anarcat anarcat at
Tue Jul 13 10:28:53 PDT 2004

Just to make things official. :)

I hereby resign my maintainership of the libh port and project. It's 
been a long time since this project had any activity other than the 
occasional mailing list fart, so it is time to move on.

I think we can all agree now that the ol' libh is dead. Please move 
along, nothing to see here. There are very fine projects on the way that 
I see *should* replace libh:





Robert Watson's directive are very important to avoid falling into the 
same traps LibH did:

I probably forget something here.

Also, I am not crossposting, but there should be annonce made somewhere, 
probably not on -announce (since it doesn't sound so good :), but 
probably a project status update.

I can do that last one. :)



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