YAPIB (was: Drawing graphics on terminal)

The Anarcat anarcat at anarcat.ath.cx
Wed Jun 18 08:40:23 PDT 2003

(or Yet Another Package Installer Bikeshed)

[libh CC'd, for the archives]

On mer jun 18, 2003 at 06:23:42 +0300, Samy Al Bahra wrote:
> > - Whether the installer is graphical or not is not the issue. Grey boxes on
> > a blue background with yellow, red and black text is just plain ugly to a
> > society that understands art and interior design. I know you're limited on
> > pallet due to the restrictions of the console, but you can make sysinstall
> > nicer just by changing the colour scheme. You can make it a hell of a lot 
> > nicer by making it consistent and functionally useful.

Who cares really... Are you going to code it? Are you going to rewrite
sysinstall and provide support or are you going to rewrite dialog?

I'm getting *really* tired of random people popping up on mailing
lists and saying what should and shouldn't be done and complaining
about how sysinstall sucks. Yes it sucks! So what? What are you going
to do about it?
> Just as YaST, a libsysinstall can be provided to provide a standard UI
> API for applications to use + various UI plugins (ncurses, QT, GTK, Xaw,
> you name it) and configuration modules (users, network, ports, etc...).
> Though, before we all get excited about the possibilities of such an
> installer, what's happening with libh? Isn't it supposed to deal with
> all of sysintall's short-comings? All I see now is a lot of talk and no
> code, maybe such discussion should go to libh's mailing list (where we
> can talk design there)?

Nothing's happening with libh.

I suggest you folks to stop talking and start designing. If someone
can come with a clean design of a new package manager/installer, then
*maybe* something could come out of it, but in all the time I've been
interested in package management in BSD, all the talk I've seen has
been moot (e.g. I want a GTK installer! I want a pkgAPI!), without any
actual code or design. Just talk impeding progress.

The only real improvement I'm aware of is portupgrade, which is doing
an extraordinaire job considering the architechture, and just popped
up without prior useless, endless, close-minded discussions. Let us
not forget Colin's binary upgrade software which looks increasingly

libh's dead, folks. It's been dead for a good while now. I was just
kicking it to make it look like we could tear something out of this

Now back to your scheduled bikeshed.


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