Looking for a very part-time SysAdmin

John Von Essen john at quonix.net
Fri Oct 21 01:25:56 UTC 2016

We are a US company that has a very small internal platform of systems, some DNS, some mail, etc.,.

We are looking for a long-term relationship with someone that we can throw work at from time to time, ideally billed by the project scope. Nothing would be time critical, so there would be flexibility.

An example would be something like we need a new Auth DNS server setup. So we would do a base install, send you the root pass, and then you would go in and configure BIND and mirror the settings off our old machine, do appropriate security tweaks, etc.,. Or setup a new mail server with virt hosts, etc.,.

Some background. We have a lot of legacy systems (7 and 8) that need upgrading over the next few months, plus some consolidations. I am the FreeBSD guy, but with my workload, I just don’t have the time. So were looking for a resource we can email, give the specs to, get a quote, then you run with it to completion. 

Interested parties, just email me.


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