Development/Operations engineer, Palo Alto, CA -- FreeBSD/startup

Ian Downes ian at
Wed Jul 27 22:21:42 UTC 2011

The job description is below, with more information available through LinkedIn.

I'd like to reinforce that this is actually a fairly FreeBSD specific role. So,
if the idea of FreeBSD + funded startup sounds appealing, please read on!

Please feel free to contact me for more information <my first name>
or even to just hear about what we're building with FreeBSD.

We're looking for a talented devops engineer to join our team building a
scalable, web-based platform for numerical and scientific computing. The ideal
candidate will be extremely comfortable in a Linux/Unix environment,
experienced in large-scale distributed systems and almost fanatical about
automation. The position is full-time, is based at our office in downtown Palo
Alto, and reports directly to the chief technology officer.

+ Automate provisioning and configuration of web front-end and data back-end
  systems. Our backend compute clusters are going to be large (1000's of nodes)
  and dynamic (measured in minutes/hours). We need dependable infrastructure
  tools to manage this effectively.
+ Develop and maintain middleware services that integrate tightly with the rest
  of the development team.
+ Assist with key architectural decisions and on engineering best-practices,
  particularly looking forward as we scale.
+ Automate and maintain backup and archive systems that are tested to work.
+ Secure and harden Unix based systems, both against malicious attackers and
  well-intentioned users from within.

+ 3+ years of Linux/Unix operations experience. FreeBSD/*BSD or Solaris is a
  big plus.
+ Skilled and experienced programmer, Ruby/Python preferred with some
  competency in sh/bash. You must be able to write clean, re-usable and
  maintainable code in a professional engineering environment.
+ Lots of experience with configuration management software such as Chef,
+ Puppet or CFEngine.
+ We're big on virtualization so you'll need experience with technologies like
  EC2/Xen and jails/containers/lxc or be able to pick them up quickly.
  Experience in architecting and deploying large distributed systems. These
  things are hard and we know it.
+ Any experience with messaging libraries and/or message-oriented middleware is
  a plus.

About us:
+ We're a funded startup based in Palo Alto. Founded by a couple of Stanford
  engineering grads, we're a small, focused team but growing quickly.
+ Ubalo is a scalable, web-based platform that just lets scientists and
  engineers get their numerical and data analysis results, fast. We're not
  just sticking some legacy software in the cloud, but we're rethinking how to
  do numerical computing and data analysis from the ground up.

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