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Sr. Software Engineer - UNIX Kernel
Job ID: Sr. Software Engineer - UNIX Kernel
Position Type: Full-Time, Employee
Company Name: Adara Networks, Inc.
Location: San Jose, CA
Annual Salary: Depending On Experience
Date Posted: April 26, 2010
Experience Level:  5  Years Industry Experience
Education Level: BS/MS in CS, EE, or related area

Travel Amount: None

Fast growing Silicon Valley Company and provider of Layer 7 routing technology 
products is looking for a Sr. Software Engineer.

Please note: This position will work out of the San Jose Office.

**Sr Software Engineer – UNIX kernel**

**Job description:**

The kernel team at Adara Networks is responsible for developing
and maintaining a FreeBSD derived Operating system. Tasks include
but not limited to design, develop, and troubleshoot proprietary
code in the IP stack, virtual file system, memory management subsystem
and other areas as deemed necessary. Ensure high availability systems.

**Job requirements:**

Hands on FreeBSD kernel development experience with 5.x and later

Experience with Other BSD internals or Linux kernel will be considered.

Strong understanding of TCP/IP protocols suite.

Proficient in C.

Good oral and written communication skills.

5 years industry experience.

Experience with any or all of the following is a STRONG PLUS:

    - Virtual memory
    - Device driver development
    - Embedded FreeBSD
    - SMP/scheduler work
    - IPv6
    -  OS porting
    - FreeBSD kernel development.


BS/MS in CS, EE, or related area.

**General Requirements:**

Ability to be creative, efficient, and productive with minimal
supervision or guidance.

Must be able to work both alone and as an efficient, cooperative
member of a team.

Must be able to give and receive constructive criticism.

Contact: hr at

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