openjdk6 port complete and ready for testing

Brian Gardner brian at
Thu Feb 26 13:46:12 PST 2009

Thanks Maho,
I've have some questions regarding future releases to the port.  I'm 
working on patch v2.2 which will enable jmap -histo/-dump as well as the 
jmap -*info functionallity.  It's seems like this is a fairly major 
upgrade to the java/openjdk6 port.  How do I subject this patch to get 
it tested and allow for a burn in period before getting it commited to 
the java/openjdk6 port.  Maybe thats what the CURRENT and STABLE port 
branches are all about?


Maho NAKATA wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> I fixed and committed. Everything should be fine.
> No QAT report anymore.
> I tested my ports with ports-mgmt/tinderbox,
> and still had some issues :-( Something is different between
> tinderbox and my jail environment.
> Now it's your turn.
> You are the maintainer of openjdk6 port,
> if you want to modify, please let ports commiters know.
> (you can ask me, writing PR, asking in this ML etc)
> and please update your ports if there are some updates
> in your side or upstream :)
> Best regards,
>  Nakata Maho
> From: Brian Gardner <brian at>
> Subject: Re: openjdk6 port complete and ready for testing
> Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 10:13:10 -0800
>> Works great here!
>> Maho NAKATA wrote:
>>> Hi Brain and Daichi-san
>>> could you please test the final form of openjdk6 port?
>>> MD5 ( = 343ea495a91bbb58c24d407e54df67fd
>>> thanks
>>> -- Nakata Maho ,
>>>    Nakata Maho's PGP public keys:
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