openjdk6 port complete and ready for testing

Brian Gardner brian at
Thu Feb 26 10:25:30 PST 2009

It seems like this logic should be built into 
/usr/ports/Mk/  I don't know much about how these files are 
maintained but this is my suggestion:
Before including /usr/ports/Mk/ you could include variables
  BUILD_REQUIRES_JAVA_<JAVA_VERSION> would look for any suitable (from a hard coded list per java 
version) ports are installed.  If no suitable port was installed, create 
the dependency for the default (hard coded per java version).    If a 
suitable port was found then FREEBSD_JAVA_HOME_<JAVA_VERSION> which any 
java port would then be able to utilize.

This would work in conjunction with a java-select tool built into the 
java<version>vmwrapper that would allow multiple ports that have the 
same JAVA_VERSION to be installed and allow the client to choose which 
one is active.

This method would allow any java dependant port to easially declare its 
dependancy to a java version vs a specific port, and  would also allow 
any port to require a specific java version.  This is the fundemental 
idea however the implementation would need to be more complex to support:
*) java dependant ports may work multiple java versions (java 5 or java 
6), so maybe it could specify (BUILD_REQUIRES_JAVA_5_OR_6)
*) dependencies involving javavmwrapper may get a bit tricky and should 
be thought through before proceeding.
*) it would be nice to be able to specify a list of suitable JAVA_PORTS 
(BUILD_REQUIRES_JAVA_PORTS - comma seperated list of ports) in the case 
that a java dependant port works with java/diablo-jdk6 and java/openjdk6 
but doesn't work with java/jdk6.
*) I'm sure there are other caveats that I'm not thinking about.


Peter Ulrich Kruppa wrote:
> SAITOU Toshihide schrieb:
>> In message: <loom.20090226T101900-897 at>
>>             ArtemGr <artemciy at> writes:
>>> Mike Jakubik <mikej <at>> writes:
>>>> Good news, the port compiled and installed OK for me!. Now is someone
>>>> could tell me how to us the javavmwrapper to switch to this i would be
>>>> very thankful, as i can't find any documentation on this.
>>> export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/openjdk6
>> /usr/local/etc/javavm_opts.conf is also functional.
>> Add this line:
>>    #JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/diablo-jdk1.6.0/
>>    JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/openjdk6/
> Please do excuse if I missed something:
> There are JAVA dependent ports which don't allow JAVA_HOME to be set - 
> for example openjdk6 itself.
> How or better: can I build these with openjdk6?
> Greetings
> Peter
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