OpenJDK6 and NetBeans: Who can use non-English fonts on NetBeans?

Kurt Miller lists at
Wed Feb 25 07:13:39 PST 2009

On Wednesday 25 February 2009 4:22:44 am 葉佳威 Jiawei Ye wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Daichi GOTO <daichi at> wrote:
> > Ooops so sorry, subject was mistaken.
> > s/OpenJDK7/OpenJDK6/
> >
> There is something weird going on. I wanted to try if the Web Start control
> panel displays Chinese properly, instead I found that my OpenJDK does not
> come with javaws even if I crossed "Web" in the "make config" dialog.
> Does anyone have OpenJDK with javaws installed?

OpenJDK (6 or 7) doesn't yet come with a plugin or webstart. It is not
clear if Sun will ever release them under GPL. The last semi-offical
statement is here:

The OpenJDK6 port should remove the WEB option to avoid confusion.

I believe that the lack of the plugin will prevent OpenJDK6 from
building OpenOffice. :( Perhaps the approach Fedora took might work
for a plugin replacement. See 16.3 for a description:

It mentions the lack of support for LiveConnect. If I'm not mistaken
that is need for the plugin to work in Firefox (memory rusty on this
one). However it may be good enough to allow OpenJDK6 to build


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