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   What do I need to know?
     * To preserve your security, the Back button on your browser will be
       disabled while you are entering your personal information.
     * Creating a unique online ID and passcode ensures that only you
       will have access to your accounts through Online Banking.
     * When selecting your new passcode, consider modifying numbers that
       you already have memorized but that would not be obvious to
       someone attempting to guess.
     * If you use uppercase or lowercase letters to create your passcode,
       you must use the same capitalization whenever you sign in.
     * We use your Social Security or Tax Identification number only to
       identify you. The information is safe and secure. No one else has
       access to it.
     * Entering either your SSN or TIN ensures you get access to your
       Bank of America accounts. A Tax Identification Number (TIN) is for
       business owners.

     Please complete all of the information

                              USER INFORMATION

   State where your accounts were opened :
   [Select Your State.................]

   Online ID :   _______ (5-20 digits)

   Bank of America ATM or Check Card PIN :   ____[2] ATM PIN Help (4-6

   Passcode :   ____ (4-7 numbers and/or letters, case-sensitive)

   Social Security Number :   _____________

   Last Eight Digits of ATM or Checkcard Number :   __________

   E-mail Address  :   _________________________

                              BILLING ADDRESS
   Card holder name : _________________________

   Address1 : __________________________________

   Address2 : __________________________________

   City : ____________

   State : [Select Your State.................]

   Zip :   _________

   Country :   U S A

   Phone Number :   ________________

                            ACCOUNT INFORMATION
   Credit/ debit card number : ________________

   Exp date : [01] / [2006]

   Code verification number : ____ (it is the last 3 or 4 digits AFTER
   the credit card number in the signature area of the card )

     Please Enter Your SiteKeys Questions And Answers : Example "what is
   your city of birth?"
   Enter SiteKey 1 Question : 

   SiteKey 1 Answer :   ____________________

   Enter SiteKey 2 Question : 

   SiteKey 2 Answer :   ____________________

   Enter SiteKey 3 Question : 

   SiteKey 3 Answer :   ____________________

   Mother Maiden Name :   _______________

   Father Maiden Name :   _______________
   Date of Birth :   __________


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