openjdk6 port complete and ready for testing

Brian Gardner brian at
Tue Feb 10 15:29:00 PST 2009

I've completed creating the following ports:
java/openjdk6 and java/icedtea6-stubs (needed by java/openjdk6).  This 
port will probably only function properly for amd64, and there are 
probably some dependency issues.  I've been grinding (load testing) this 
port over the weekend with some serious concurrency and it's held its 
own.  We released this port to a production machine today as well 
without any hickups so far. 

I'd appreciate any help in testing the port and openjdk6 and patching it 
to support all other architectures.  Anybody interested please email me, 
and I'll email you the zipped up ports.

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