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Chuck Robey wrote:
> I really don't know if this should go to FreeBSD-Java or FreeBSD-ports, I chose
> ports, I hope this is right.
> I'm trying to get the port of tomcat6 to proxy a webpage through the recently
> installed Apache22 port.  Both Apache22 and Tomcat6 seem to work fine when
> directly queried (port 8008 for Tomcat).  From what I've read, I need a mod
> loaded, according to this line added to my httpd.conf:
> LoadModule webapp_module      libexec/apache22/

Why wouldn't you use either mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp here?  Of course,
you need tomcat to have an AJP13 listener set up (usually port 8009 --
example config is in the standard server.xml but commented out I think)
AJP13 is just a condensed version of HTTP with most of the standard text
strings replaced by binary codes, and it uses persistent apache <->
tomcat connections rather than tearing them down after each session, so
it's a bit more efficient.

mod_jk is more developed and more widely used but it's yet another package
to install.  mod_proxy_ajp comes as standard with apache22 -- it's a
refactoring of the mod_jk code to take all the load-balancy stuff out into
a separate mod_proxy module and then add back in the AJP13-ness separately.



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