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Pieter de Goeje pieter at degoeje.nl
Mon Feb 2 16:28:25 PST 2009

On Monday 02 February 2009 21:43:21 Chuck Robey wrote:
> I need to find a writeup on how to get the Java tools empowering a web
> database to all installed and configured.  The writeups I found, they all
> assume a several year old set of FreeBSD ports, which means using Linux
> tools.  I'm totally knocked out by the java/jdk16 native java port, it's so
> reliable and complete, so if it's at all possible, I don't want to back up
> and use the Linux tools, so please don't make me do that.
> What I've read so far tells me I need the www/tomcat6, the
> java/jakarta-struts and the Hibernate tools.  Where those tools are, I
> don't know the portname.  I sure could use help in verifying what the ports
> are.  I have a 4 cpu Intel box with 4 cpus, and my java is the java/jdk16
> (native Java, I'm iompressed beyond words with that).  I'm also showing
> doglike devotion to eclipse (what a tool!)
> Thanks for any help, folks.

The beauty of Java is that it's (in most cases) platform independent. This 
means that you don't need a FreeBSD port for Hibernate, Struts, Tomcat etc, 
just download and run it.

As for a DB connection, you need a JDBC driver for your database. For MySQL 
this is MySQL Connector/J  (http://www.mysql.com/products/connector/j/), for 
PostgreSQL the PostgreSQL JDBC Driver (http://jdbc.postgresql.org/). Also 
there are a number of embedded databases which you might find useful for 
prototyping applications, like Derby and HSQLDB.

Instead of Hibernate you might want to look at the Java Persistence API (which 
Hibernate is an implementation of).

For web development you basically need to install the Web Developer Tools 
plugin in eclipse, which allows you to create dynamic web applications in no 

Hope this helps.

Pieter de Goeje

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