jdk15..._14 update

Mikhail Teterin mi+kde at aldan.algebra.com
Tue Nov 20 21:21:38 PST 2007


The attached patches both update the JDK to the recently released patch-level 

They also both modify the extraction algorithm to make it more reliable -- it 
currently hard-codes the line-number, where the data begins -- the number 
needs to change every time the JDK changes.

The first method simply looks for the line "^exit 0", which is a more reliable 
indicator of the end of the shell-script, than a hard-coded line number.

I like the second method even better, though, because it avoids running a 
Linux program at extract time (using a native unzip instead) and is, likely, 
even more reliable, than relying on "^exit 0" being in the right place.

Whichever method you chose, future updates to the port should consist of 
simply bumping the JDK patch-level...



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