JDK 1.6.0 patchset 3 "Boss 302"

Nick Johnson freebsd at spatula.net
Sat Nov 17 09:52:12 PST 2007

I finally braved 1.6 on FreeBSD with this release.  It's working great 
running Tomcat 6!  It could be my imagination, but it seems considerably 
faster, especially in startup time and in how quickly the server VM gets 

Thanks for another release!


On Thu, 15 Nov 2007, Greg Lewis wrote:

> On behalf of the BSD Java Porting team, I'm pleased to announce the
> availability of Patchset 3 "Boss 302" for JDK 1.6, based on the
> JDK 1.6.0 Update 3 JRL source code.
> This patchset includes bug fixes and updates the code base to use the
> 1.6.0 Update 3 source code.  In addition, Java Web Start now supports
> locale settings on BSD.
> The following platforms are supported by this release:
>         FreeBSD 6.2/i386 (or later)
>         FreeBSD 6.2/amd64 (or later)
>         OpenBSD 4.0/i386 (or later)
> 	OpenBSD 4.0/amd64 (or later)
> 	NetBSD 3.1/i386 (or later)
> The patchset can be downloaded at:
> http://www.eyesbeyond.com/freebsddom/java/jdk16.html
> An update for the java/jdk16 port will follow shortly.

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