Cut down JRE

Mark Hindess mark.hindess at
Sat Nov 10 04:26:14 PST 2007

On 9 November 2007 at 21:13, James Mansion
<james at> wrote:
> I've assembled a small image for automation by hacking things from the
> Sun JRE.
> I believe this may be somewhat against the diablo licenses if it goes
> beyong my own research use, since its clearly not 'Java' any more.
> I'd like something that doesn't have an infectious license, so I need
> at least a 'classpath exception'.

The Harmony license is pretty liberal - but it may never be Java(tm).
However it sounds like this isn't particularly important to you.
Harmony has fairly module structure so (once it is working!) it
shouldn't be too difficult to strip it down.

> It seems that once OpenJDK is available that will circumvent the
> license issue, as would Harmony - but I can't see muh discussion of
> either with respect to FreeBSD.

This is the most recent relevant Harmony thread:

If anyone is inclined to help, I don't think it would be that difficult
to get it working.  (I'm making slow progress but pretty much everyone on
this list will be more familiar with FreeBSD than I am.)

Potential Harmony contributors should to read:

particularly if you've worked on Sun code but this is the price we pay
to ensure cleanliness of our code base and keep the liberal Apache

Harmony is not yet complete but should certainly be sufficient for the
packages Andy mentioned on this thread.


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