Cut down JRE

James Mansion james at
Fri Nov 9 13:39:48 PST 2007

I've assembled a small image for automation by hacking things from the 
Sun JRE.

I believe this may be somewhat against the diablo licenses if it goes 
beyong my own
research use, since its clearly not 'Java' any more.

I'd like something that doesn't have an infectious license, so I need at 
least a
'classpath exception'.

It seems that once OpenJDK is available that will circumvent the license 
as would Harmony - but I can't see muh discussion of either with respect to

Does anyone know what the state of either of those is?  The bits I 
ripped out of
rt.jar and the i386 directory was graphics and multimedia, so if those bits
aren't complete I don't mind.  I do mind whether rxtx works though.


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