ant script annoyances

Jonathan Chen jonc at
Tue Sep 9 14:52:14 PDT 2003


I'd like to make a plea to remove the following bits from the "ant"
script of the port:

    # FreeBSD-specific: Add the .jar files from ${PREFIX}/share/java/classes
    for JAR_FILE in "/usr/local/share/java/classes"/*.jar; do

        # If the directory is empty, then the input string is returned
        if [ -f "${JAR_FILE}" ]; then
            if [ -z "${LOCALCLASSPATH}" ]; then

I can't see the rationale for the addition of the jar files; any
decent project that reference the common jar files would make a copy
of it in the project's supplementary lib directory for maximum
portability. The adverse effects of adding this are:

    1. it pollutes the environment.
    2. build.xml files fails in subtle ways on FreeBSD compared
       to other Java platforms (eg: xdoclet task definition
       with classpathref). This means I can't just move project from
       other systems to FreeBSD simply, and vice versa.

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