rc.d/jail and jail.conf

Dirk Engling erdgeist at erdgeist.org
Sat Mar 30 17:33:53 UTC 2013

Dear jail hackers,

if I follow the development correctly, the jail(8) command was augmented
to make the rc.d/jail script obsolete. However when I want to use the rc
system to start my jails, I am stuck with convincing rc.d/jail to not
fail for missing _hostname or _rootdir.

How am I supposed to have my jails started at boot time? And while we're
at it, is there a rcorder-style way to introduce dependencies into
jail.conf to control the order my jails are started in?

Which brings me to another point, there does not seem to be a way to
convince rc.d/jail to set a jailname for old style jails, making it hard
to integrate with tools that use libjail to translate what were
_hostname parameters to jid before.

On a related note, in order to finally include all the nextgen jail
features in my ezjail project, I wonder if there's an automated tool to
read/write/modify jail.conf(s) on the radar. Currently I am considering
keeping my own set of configs and generating a jail.conf per jail on the
fly, which I do not think is in the user's interest as conflicting
jailnames may occur.

In theory a parser would be enough, but having to automatically recreate
and correctly reorder all user comments and += statements in the config
file when re-writing the file seems a rather hard problem, too.

Regards and thanks in advance,


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