qjail fork attribution was Handbook Jail Chapter rewrite available for critique

Philipp Wuensche cryx-freebsd at h3q.com
Tue Mar 26 20:16:10 UTC 2013

Fbsd8 wrote:
> Dear Dirk Engling
> I feel sorry for you. I man with such talent and respect has fallen to
> such a level of self induced public humiliation. This outburst only
> confirms my suspicion that your suffering from dementia caused by
> advancing age. I tried to give you a way to save face as I purposed in
> my private email to you. But now that you have moved things into the
> public light you force me to publicly point out just how confused your
> thinking is.

First of all, as someone who has contributed code, patches and testing
to ezjail and who worked with Dirk together on several projects I have
to say that the last person who is unwilling to share his knowledge
and/or code or to receive criticism is Dirk.

Dear Joe Barbish,

We all are writing open source software here, we don't receive money and
most of us will not receive fame for it and we are okay with that. The
only thing we humbly ask for is to at least give credit where credit is
due. This and talking to each other in a friendly way so we can share
our knowledge amongst us and keep up communication.

You do nothing of that. Let me point out why.

You took ezjails code and rewrote every part mentioning "ezjail" to fit
your own. Up until here, everything is okay. You just created a fork.

But then you took a look at the licence the software is released under
and decide its a joke! But you don't stop there, you also add your own
licence and claim the copyright! To take things further, you not even
come close to the idea of adding at least some credits to the original
author of the software.

This alone is against everything open source stands for in so many ways.

When pointed out to your misbehaving, even if it was done by oversight,
the only right thing you could have done is to quickly add the missing
credit in your code and apologize. No harm would have been done.

But now instead you start to question the original authors concern, even
claim his software wasn't licenced correct! You even demand that he
starts doing stuff to undo the consequences of your wrongdoing while
stating to add the credits that would have been the right thing to do by
you in the first place!

Not only that but your style of communication is way out of bound
regarding manner. This is not the first mail I have to read from you
where you accuse people of mental illness or suffering from medication
in one way or another.

You yourself request professional style of communication from other
people while at the same time do no such thing.

You my "friend", and please everyone else forgive my choice of language,
really are a nasty piece of work!

> The FACT is the ezjail-3.2.3 port currently in the port system contains
> NO verbiage concerning any type of license. Even the ezjail Makefile
> doesn't invoke the BSD license.

Btw. the website does: http://erdgeist.org/arts/software/ezjail/#License


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