Handbook Jail Chapter rewrite available for critique

Dirk Engling erdgeist at erdgeist.org
Tue Mar 26 01:28:07 UTC 2013

Dear JoeB,

since you just threatened me via private email to expose my evil plans
of preventing your ubercool project from taking FreeBSD by storm, I
would like to comment on your views and your project publicly

On 22.03.13 23:12, Fbsd8 wrote:

> On the subject of qjail being a fork of ezjail, of course it is.

So, you've decided to run along with an existing code base to fork a
project. Congratulations.

You surely must have had reasons, like including features that the
original author told you never to implement. Like you found the project
abandoned and no one replied to your requests.

Well, except you did not. I found out about your fork by chance, after
someone directed my attention to your constant bragging and nagging.
Why, after all, would you ever feel the need to talk to me directly
about the fork? After all, what common interests might we possibly share?

So I think the only reason to rip off ezjails code was to boost your ego
with some impressive looking column of shell script you obviously had
trouble understanding, which comes as no surprise as you _still_ seem to
have trouble grasping even the basic concepts of shell scripting:



Reading this I find it very disturbing that you try to lure users into
using your bumbling hack that pokes in one of the core security features
of FreeBSD. To put it more plainly: What you do is dangerous. Stop doing
it. You're putting your users at risk.

> British member concluded that the author of ezjail must be British based
> solely on the spelling of the flavour directory. He also convinced us
> that his Beerware license was British humor, a joke, and should not be
> taken serous. In our review of other jail ports we did not see this

Then tell your "British member" to read up on some contemporary
literature, maybe Wikipedia


so he has a chance to understand what connects Beerware and FreeBSD. Do
not use your confused team member as pretext to violate the terms of
license you obviously found by yourself and chose to ignore.

> file. It was inserted in the front like they have. We though that was
> how you make software opensource which was the intention. There are no
> formal copyright documents; it's just a extrapolation from the FreeBSD
> comments.

Besides completely failing to see the point what the difference between
open source and public domain is, you do not have the slightest idea,
what a community of people sharing their code as open source is about.

The simple fact that you resort to Windows and IIS to serve your web
site should have warned me, that you do not actually have any connection
to the scene besides your gimme-gimme-gimme attitude.

To make my point clear: Open source software is about attribution. For
multiple reasons, most important to me: getting to socialize. Beerware
is not so much about getting the actual beer, but to have a chance to
sit together and talk with people sharing common interests. Now you rob
me of the chance to ever hear from people using my code disguised as yours.

Another reason, of course, is the pride we take in spending nearly ten
years on ezjail and we definitely do not like some script kiddie running
around adorn himself with plumes plucked from our asses.

> section is not appropriate to include qjail under Freebsd opensource
> type of license, then we can change the comments to say "totally free to
> do as you wish as opensource" and leave it at that. If something else is
> needed, please inform what that is by private email. To continue this
> this subject in public is not appropriate. Please respect our wish in
> this matter.

No, I will not respect your wishes, as you chose to ignore mine. You are
not totally free to do as you wish with the ezjail authors' code and you
can not grant that rights to someone else.

Regarding your fork: I can not and I will not prevent forks from
happening. So I wish you good luck with it. Maybe you learn some shell
on the way.

The qjail port has been marked RESTRICTED by the ports managers and I
will withdraw my concerns once you find a proper way to indicate
original authorship in a humble way.



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