Handbook Jail Chapter rewrite available for critique

sib at tormail.org sib at tormail.org
Mon Mar 18 21:19:26 UTC 2013

>"Fbsd8" <fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com> wrote:
> This is my first public exposure. The Doc gang is seeing it for the
> first time just like you.


>> I also see you're pushing the sysutils/qjail port for users who don't
>> want
>> to configure things themselves. In my experience, ezjail is a much
>> better
>> solution. I also see that you are the maintainer/author of qjail and
>> like
>> to shovel your opinion as the only solution, both in this "rewrite" and
>> all over the FreeBSD forums.
> Maybe if you gave qjail a try you would have a different opinion of it.
> Every ezjail user who tries qjail stays with qjail. Maybe if you have
> read the online version of the handbook jail chapter you would see the
> doc team has no problem with recommending qjail.

The Ports section of the handbook mentions portmaster, portupgrade and
maybe even some others. If you include more options than only the one you
care about, maybe it could work. I have tried qjail, as have others I
know. I'm just saying ezjail has been a lot better for my use case at a
webhosting company, where we run many jails per server. You can say
"everyone who tries it stays with it" but there's nothing backing that
up... at all. I think the userbase is about as inflated as your ego as the
author. I don't recommend things based on their author's views (else I
wouldn't run OpenBSD firewalls :)) but the constant pushing of qjail as
the way and the true light you do really turns me off from it.

>> Do we even need an updated version? I trust the documentation team to
>> write one much more than a biased port maintainer with a poor grasp of
>> English.
> You must be making a joke to think what is in the handbook jail chapter
> don't need to be redone.

It may need some additions with the recent improvements, but I doubt it
needs a complete rewrite.

>   It's not my native language either, but this needs some serious
>> work.
> Hay dud you going into the un-professional area with comments like that.

The FreeBSD team has very high standards for the handbook and
documentation in general. You're going into "the unprofessional area" by
submitting poorly-written documentation to the project and sending your
replies off-list.

>>> Please email me directly so we keep the noise down on the mailing list.
>> This is funny.
> The only thing funny is your post.
> Be constructive or I will ignore you.

It's only constructive if people agree with you, right?

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