New jail(8) committed

Devin Teske devin.teske at
Sun Apr 29 02:00:47 UTC 2012

On Apr 28, 2012, at 3:52 PM, Jamie Gritton wrote:

> I don't know about wrapping a utility around it, but it would be nice to
> have in a library. If it could be made to work for not only jail, but
> apmd and devd as well, then we could make some existing code cleaner.

I'm thinking about throwing "figpar" into the CVS projects tree and then
creating a few examples for reading jail.conf, apmd.conf, and devd.conf
as well as dhcpd.conf.

Naturally, this would be a library that you load and then pass it a struct-array
describing how you're going to handle the config file directives and what
they look like. You're passing function pointers in the struct array and the
parse_config() function will call the functions you pass to handle keywords.

The header file (figpar.h) is 123 lines and the source file (figpar.c) is 376
lines. There's only 2 functions and one struct to learn. The 2 functions are:

config_t* get_config_option(config_t [], char *);
int parse_config(config_t [], char *, int (*)(u_int32_t, char *, char *));

NOTE: It will of course have to be cleaned up for style(9) compatibility
(that's where the ``dusting off'' part comes-in).

A link to the sources that I've uploaded temporarily to sourceforge (again,
if we're serious about needing a light-weight parser for this file-format, I
think we should import it into cvs:projects/figpar/ and hack on it together):


> On 04/28/12 10:52, Devin Teske wrote:
>> On Apr 28, 2012, at 7:38 AM, Jamie Gritton wrote:
>>> The main reason I didn't consider a jail.d approach is just that I
>>> haven't - such things are a little off the radar for me. It seemed very
>>> natural to use a configuration file format that other programs already
>>> use (e.g. named, apmd, devd). I suppose it's true that the "foo.d"
>>> approach is also in use by other programs, though I mostly seem to see
>>> those on Linux. And if I did opt for a directory approach, the files
>>> within the directory would still need a format - you can't get away from
>>> the fact that a config file needs a format.
>>> It would be nice to have a general parser for C-style config files, and
>>> I looked for such a library when I started on this. But such a library
>>> doesn't seem to exist.Perhaps it's time to make one.
>> The config file format that you've chosen is remarkably identical to config files for which I've already written parsers.
>> So, I guess I'm saying that I'm willing to help out in this area.
>> My parser is written in C, it's very small and light-weight, and it's called figpar (con[fig par]ser).
>> I can dust if off, slap a BSD license on it, wrap a utility around it and we could have something like sysrc (which operates on the collection of rc.conf(5) files).
>> Alternatively, I could rewrite it in something like sh(1) if C is not desired.

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