New jail(8) committed

Dirk Engling erdgeist at
Sat Apr 28 11:51:08 UTC 2012

On 28.04.12 08:08, Jason Hellenthal wrote:

> Since when does a lack of a parser in "YOUR tool" become a problem for
> FreeBSD ? just sayin!

I mixed a reply to Bjoern A. Zeeb's question about ezjail supporting the
config format in

  <C79A7703-7626-42B1-959D-055F16C071E9 at>

into the remarks I had about the general design decisions. Of course,
the FreeBSD project is free to deliver any infrastructural code it
chooses. My objections to the jail.conf may be biased, but I still stand
by them and am still curios.

> 10.X is not due for a while anyway. Should give you time to adjust.

No, ezjail is completely written in sh, so there is little chance to
"adjust". Implementing a config file parser is out of the question.



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