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Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Fri Apr 27 16:44:20 UTC 2012

On 27. Apr 2012, at 14:33 , Christer Solskogen wrote:

> On 26/4/2012 10:07 PM, Jamie Gritton wrote:
>> There's still more that I want to do with this, but it's time it was
>> part of current.
> I've got an idea that you might find useful for future versions of jail. I have created a wrapper script for my own use where I instead of creating a jail with buildworld/installworld, I rather nullmount /bin, /lib, etc. to a jailroot, and run mergemaster on that jailroot. This makes the jail very small (3MB IIRC) and it makes upgrades of the jails very easy.

Yeah, there's other doing this;  ezjail is close to this as well.

But please not that management (configuring, starting, stopping) and provisioning can easily be separated and the latter has nothing to do with the former in first place.  I hope that ezjail will pick up supporting the new config stuff and use that while still providing its own provisioning.


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