intra-jail communication slow

Beeblebrox zaphod at
Mon Apr 16 06:17:15 UTC 2012


> Which communications
Let's take mysql for example, sockstat showing:
mysql    mysqld     1491  10 tcp4    *:*
where IP is an aliased address over
So the communication in this case is tcp through re0 (again, no pf atm)

 and how much slower?
Just visual observation. The jails are not in production environment
so they have no traffic except me; and all I am doing is some
setups/configurations. I have not ran any specific speed tests.
One observation was long process time when listing tables in database
from webmin.

>> Is this normal for jails or is my netconfig problematic in some way?
>In theory not, but in practise please notice that for example with mysql you may switch from unix domain sockets (usually
> used in "localhost" case) to normal inet socket communications etc. which may affect your overall feeling of "speed".
I suppose that is the case in the above example?

> Knowing details and numbers etc might help here to rule out a jail specific problem.
I'd be more than happy to supply if you could give me the specifics
you want to see.


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