Jail source address selection broken, patch for ping

Juan F. Díaz y Díaz jfd at mrecic.gov.ar
Mon Apr 9 19:14:47 UTC 2012

Mark, you can just run a jail with the setfib utility so you don't need to modify all your scripts.

# First you need to setup the routing table for each fib
# /etc/rc.local
setfib 1 route add default
setfib 1 route del

setfib 2 route add default
setfib 2 route del

# For each jail config define a fib id
# /etc/rc.conf

# Then just exec your jail with the setfib
setfib 1 jexec 1 bash


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On Mon, 09 Apr 2012 11:50:35 -0500, Juan F. Díaz y Díaz
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> Mark, did you tried using the setfib utility?

No, and even if that could have helped I would probably have to modify
our monitoring software (Xymon/Hobbit/BigBrother) in undesirable ways to
have it launch every child process with setfib. This would certainly be
a nasty
hack and honestly networking should "just work" from within a jail;
utilities shouldn't have to be tricked into working with a jail's
network stack.

Here's the results of trying setfib, though:

root at xymon:/# setfib 0 fping 192.168.xxx.1 (censored for our privacy)
setfib: setfib: Function not implemented

Do you have to set some sysctl to get setfib to work in a jail, or does
it just not work in jails period?
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