HEADS UP: multi/no-IPv4/v6 jails going to hit HEAD

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at lists.zabbadoz.net
Thu Nov 27 16:00:09 PST 2008


I haven't heard back anything bad after (almost) 24 hours since I
had released the latest patchset. So this is the HEADS UP for you
that unless major regessions or other important "stop"s show up
I plan to commit the latest multi/no-IPv4/v6 jail patch to HEAD
saturday (2008-11-29) morning UTC.

You'll find a few things like man page dates, etc. updated to the
current diff so it will slightly change - but there should be no
functional changes anymore (unless a regression is found or make
universe won't like me later today;-).

For patches see my original mail to freebsd-jail from last night
below and the entire thread here:

This is mostly intended for two things:
- to get out of the way for other vimage/mgmt work for 8.x
- possible MFC to 7 in a few weeks or rather months (don't even think
   about asking for 7.1-RELEASE; the answer would be: in case you are
   going to donate 100.000 USD I could start talking to re@ about that
   but we might need more money for bribing during the negotiations;)
- add a lot of good FreeBSD marketing after the commit here - send
   patches! :-)


Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 23:56:55 +0000 (UTC)
From: Bjoern A. Zeeb <bzeeb-lists at lists.zabbadoz.net>
To: freebsd-jail at freebsd.org
Subject: Anyone interested in jail patches?


it's 1am and I am out of caffeine so excuse all those typos and in case
there will be bugs blame them on whatever you want...; I just want to
get this out, finally, to you.

If you are interested in a new set of jail patches... anyone?;-)

1) read the changelog from http://perforce.freebsd.org/chv.cgi?CH=153529
     that's a good summary for the diff to the last set of patches.

2) I freshly integrated both branches; there had been a few changes
     since yesterday after my testing but those should be ok. It also
     means that the patches should apply to the sources of `now`.

2a) for HEAD:

2b) for RELENG_7:

2c) there is no 7.0-RELEASE support anymore; sorry.

As always please report problems or success stories to the list rather
than to me directly. Same usually applies for questions. In case you
are happy consider http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/donate/ .


Bjoern A. Zeeb              Stop bit received. Insert coin for new game.

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