can jail use 2 NICS?

Ruben van Staveren ruben at
Sun Nov 16 04:21:46 PST 2008

On 16 Nov 2008, at 11:12, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:

> On Fri, 14 Nov 2008, Ruben van Staveren wrote:
> Hi,
>> I ran into this issue myself, and repatched /etc/rc.d/jail to work  
>> with this
>> jail_erg_ipv6="net0|2001:980:fff:96::c0a8:181"                  #  
>> Jail's IP number
>> jail_erg_ip=""                  # Jail's IP number
>> jail_erg_interface="lo0"
>> So default for everything is lo0, but you can override stuff by  
>> prefixing and address with <iface>|<addr>
>> Have fun at
>> of course, YMMV
> would that work as well with multiple IPs (per address family)? I kind

you mean like jail_<jailid>_ip="net0|addr1 net1|addr2" ? it does.
> of lost track. An are you also supporting the netmask feature from
> ru@?

It doesn't do netmask/prefix length but that should be easy to add.  
btw I am working only against RELENG_7 so I don't know of any new  
network features in HEAD. Should get a new macbook soon so I can run  
vmware fusion to check that out ;)

> -- 
> Bjoern A. Zeeb              Stop bit received. Insert coin for new  
> game.

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