can jail use 2 NICS?

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Wed Nov 12 06:30:09 PST 2008

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Bill Moran wrote:


> In response to "huynhnguyen" <huynhnguyen at>:
>> -          my server have 2 NICs,
> [...]
>> I want to set up a jail to use both of  NICs
> [...]
>> ---------------
>> but I canÿÿt do it.  Anybody know it? Could you help me?
> It's not possible with the current codebase.  There's work being done
> to add this feature to 8.x, but with 7.x and earlier, you need to
> figure out how to make your jails work with a single NIC.

The only thing that does not work is the <beep> rc jail_*_interface
knob. Which I again <beepbeepbeep>. Sorry. This is just another reason
to remove this <beep> thing and have someone who needs this by a proper
mgmt solution.


obviously, as Bill already indicated, you need a patch to have more than
one IP per jail as the current jail system in any version of freebsd only
supports one IP address (see man pages).

If you have the patch compiled in ...

> jail_jail1_interface="bge0, bge1"

remove this and similar lines from your configuration. 
You had the IPs configured on the interfaces already anyway.

> jail_jail1_ip=","

And remove the white space after the comma.


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