new multi-/no-ip4/v6 jail patches

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Sun Jul 27 12:10:08 UTC 2008


I have temporary put two patches generated from p4 here[1] for HEAD and
for 7-STABLE as of now (you really need that latest 8/7).
If you are in /usr/src you best run
 	patch -s -p7 -C < /path/to/patch
 	echo $?
to see if the patch applies cleanly. patch should not print anything
and echo $? should print 0. Else you'll have to manually resolve
rejects after the next step:
 	patch -s -p7 < /path/to/patch

There is/will be no updated patch for 7.0pX (7.0 RELEASE branch) atm.

Most imporatant changes:
- fixed lookup mechanism for v4 and v6 for jail IP addresses (only
   relevant if you had more than 2 IPs per AF)
- directly bind the IP if there is only one per AF.
- ipv4 source address selection
- jail state support
- cpuset support

What still needs to be done:
- break out ipv4 source address selection for HEAD
- review SCTP after the latest import (still disbaled in jails)
- cleanup
- review review review - feel free to mail me any comments.
- the complete list is here:

Worst problem:
- jls output is really ugly now

In case of any comments/problems/... preferably mail freebsd-jail@
instead of mailing me directly.


[1] temporary location for multi-/no-ipv4/v6 patches for

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