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Mikhail Goriachev mikhailg at
Sun Jul 20 18:11:48 UTC 2008

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Евгений Шаповал wrote:
> Mikhail Goriachev, thanks!!!
> I remove line "cd /usr/src/etc", make installworld and now all good! =)
> root user exists, I add user and login from ssh to jail =)

No worries. I'm glad it finally got going for you.

> but I have 2 questions:
> 1. when I start jail (/etc/rc.d/jail start), I have:
> /etc/rc.conf: //: Permission denied
> Configuring jails:.
> Starting jails: host1-jail.local.
> how correct error on first line? =\

Check file permissions for both, the jail and main OS:

# ls -l /etc/rc.conf
# ls -l /usr/local/jails/test/etc/rc.conf

They both should be 644.

Also check the logs:

> 2. MAC in jail and main os identical?!

Yes they are identical because they both share the same network card.

> how you see MAC "00:14:85:3a:58:90" in jail and main os identical oO
> I need internet connection in my jail and main os =( but if jail and
> main os have identical mac, it's unreal =( in LAN can't be 2 computers
> with one mac =( or I something confuse?! =\

In your case this is only one computer with multiple IPs (aliases). This 
is normal behaviour.

As of sharing the Internet connection, well it all depends on your 
resources and how you design the system. For instance, in some 
situations (single interface hosts) I bind my jails to lo0 and then use 
NAT to share the Internet. If you have access to multiple public IPs 
then you can bind jails directly to the public interface.

+------ eth0 ------+
|                  |
|       lo0        |
|                  |

In other situations, where jails should be reached from the LAN, I bind 
them to the interface that faces the LAN (eth1) instead of lo0 or the 
Internet (eth0) and NAT is also used here.

+------ eth0 ------+
|                  |
|       lo0        |
|                  |
+------ eth1 ------+

Basically everything depends on your needs and goals.


Mikhail Goriachev

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