Cannot ssh from jail

LI Xin delphij at
Wed Oct 3 10:17:20 PDT 2007

Tom Evans wrote:
> Hi stable@, jail@ [jail@ plz cc me as I'm not subscribed]
> I'm having some problems setting up some jails for semi-isolated
> development (ie, so we can isolate the developers into a jail, give them
> all the root access they want, and not worry about them blowing up more
> than their own jail) on 6.2-RELEASE-p5.
> I have set up a jail, using ezjail, which appeared to work fine. I can
> start the jail, and use jexec to spawn a shell inside the jail. However,
> if I then try to ssh from the jail to another box, ssh fails with the
> error message (with -v):

I think the problem is that if you jexec into a jail then you don't have
a TTY at hand, so bad things would happen.  If you login into the jail
by some ways (e.g. by ssh or telnet or whatever that spawns a TTY for
you) then it would work I bet.

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