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Just a quick message, to make sure messages are going through properly ...

The purpose of this list is two fold ... to discuss the use of jails, but, more 
importantly, to discuss the various patches and extensions that appear to be 
floating out there to extend the jail(s), and try and work at getting them 
properly committed instead of "lost in time" ...

There are only two that *I* know of out there, but imagine there are more that 
I've year to hear about ...

If you know of a jail related patch, please post about them, as well as try and 
encourage the author to join this list ...

The two that I'm aware of are the CPU/memory limits patch, and Chris (the 
author) has subscribed to this list already ... and the Multiple IPs patch ...

I *thought* there was one going around (or talked about?) concerning network 
stacks, as well as shared memory, but to date, the only one I've really looked 
at is the CPU/memory one, so others need to pop up about the other ones ...

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