Public Time Synchronization Servers

Odhiambo Washington wash at
Tue Sep 30 01:32:33 PDT 2003

* Christopher Raven <c.raven at> [20030930 11:22]: wrote:
> Ah just saw that you had tried from two, OK scratch my lest comment. Do
> you have access to a machine off of your own network to try.. i.e. if
> you are in a University Campus there try from a machine off the network.

I am going to try from my friend's box in Hungary..

> Perhaps an upstream Router / firewall is blocking time requests that you
> are unaware of?

Very possible. The test that we run here seem to suggest that.

> If you do a traceroute to that server you can perhaps ask the ISP's at
> each step to try that timeserver so you can see where it breaks. If you
> ask they can only say no :)

Yes, I am already calling out upstream provider to get them to explain this
to me. They are notorious for filtering ports!!


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