SSHD Patch

Joseph Begumisa begj at
Wed Sep 24 00:25:53 PDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Nick Kraal wrote:

> Nope. The only file/directory in /usr/src is sys. The crypto directory is
> under /usr/src/sys
> aoto% pwd
> /usr/src/sys/crypto
> aoto% lf
> blowfish/       des/            md5.h           rijndael/       sha1.h
> cast128/        md5.c           rc4/            sha1.c          sha2/
> -nick/

So you found the problem.  You don't have the sources so the file to patch
cannot be found.  Run a cvsup to download the sources.  I suppose by now
all corrections have been made to the souces.  Therefore no patch will be
needed after the download except having to run a make world to build and
install the sources.


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