Verisign fun.

W.D. McKinney dee at
Thu Sep 18 11:47:08 PDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 10:39, Sean Chittenden wrote:
> > I just did the same, and I am pretty happy with djbdns. Patches also
> > exist for djbdns to do something similar.
> If your query volume gets high enough, djbdns starts dropping random
> requests on the floor.  Just a heads up from someone who moved from
> djbdns back to bind9 because this bit me hard.  -sc

We just moved from bind9 to djbdns, and we we were running 
djbdns previously so we had about 4 months under bind9.
I prefer djbdns but as we also moved to FreeBSD I trust 
it performs even better :-) 

What is the query volume you mentioned anyway ? 


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