Freeradius and Mikrotik as NAS

Martin Jessa freebsd at
Wed Sep 17 05:01:56 PDT 2003

Hi guys.

I've installed mikrotik's router on my box, set up my radius server to work nicely with mysql and md5 hashed passwords.
Now I need to chose whether to use ppp or pppoe for users to authenticate and connect to the outside world.
I want my radius server to talk to the NAS (the mikrotik box) and give my users different bandwith based on their usernames.
Is there any software I can use for that ?
How can freeradius send that kind of info to the mikrotik router?
And what would be the best to use, ppp or pppoe for my Wlan users with LAN-range IP numbers?

Thanks again.


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