FreeRadius and md5 hashed passwords

Martin Jessa freebsd at
Tue Sep 16 18:24:25 PDT 2003

Hi guys.

I have set up freeradius with authentication agains MySQL.
I have poptop talking to the radius server and in that way authenticating my users.
The problem is I cannot make the radius server read md5 encrypted passwords, only plain text.
Any idea what to do to make it read md5 passwords?
Example of the password table:

table 'radcheck' :

Cleartext (works):
INSERT INTO radcheck VALUES (2,'test at','User-Password',':=','12233445');

MD5 (no love):
INSERT INTO radcheck VALUES (3,'test at','User-Password',':=','bc8bf6f2fd343cab9d387d5dcc777be3');

Martin Jessa

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