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Tue Sep 16 09:53:29 PDT 2003

"Scott Muller" <smuller at> writes:

>> Today I upgraded to postfix 2.0.14. I was testing something 
>> and I notice one thing which I don't know what is the couse. 
>> Here is the part from syslogd, part 1 - the attachment is 
>> rejected, part 2 same email same time I try to send , but I 
>> removed attachment from mail. My question is - maybe somebody 
>> has an idea why in first case cleanup process logs in syslogd 
>> with -2 hours difference ? ( my timezone +2 ), and after same 
>> process already logs with correct time ? 
> Just a guess but you are probably running postfix chroot'd.
> Check the chroot column in and if you are running some processes
> Chroot'd then you need to make sure all the relevant files are sync'd in the
> Chrrot jail. I don't run choot, but you nedd to check the sample-* files and
> The readme files. I think you need to copy the localtime file from /etc but
> I would check the docs.

Yep, you need /etc/localtime in your chroot.  You also will want to
add a syslog log socket in your chroot as well.  The logs in your
original message are missing the data from the qmgr process, which
provides message size and other useful data.  The chroot for postfix
is to the spool directory, so you'll probably want to put localtime in
/var/spool/postfix/etc and add a -l /var/spool/postfix/dev/log to your

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