[vchkpw] vpopmail POP: "ERR aac, chiled crashed" after reboot, core dumped

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Sun Sep 14 20:17:49 PDT 2003

The original poster should try to compile this software with CFLAGS=-g, and 
re-run the gdb command against a core dump-- that will produce more useful 

Charles Sprickman wrote:
[ ... ]
> The only difference here is you fail when going through tcpserver, but
> succeed on the cli.  Look at what may be different in those two
> environments...  Do other programs that use the vpopmail libs function
> properly?

However, this was a good thing to note.  Does the OP maybe have a dependency on 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH or something else in their environment which fails when run from 
  DJB's mechanism for a daemon?


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