Best practices for disabling email accounts

Keith Anderson keith at
Fri Sep 12 17:03:19 PDT 2003

Hi All,

I use popd with Radius aso if the account is paid up the user can collect

The customer will be very keen to pay so they can collect the email.

I do not block incoming email at all. after 60 Days the account/email is
deleted as per our contract with the customer.

Keith Anderson
Ezyisp Accounting

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, John Capo wrote:

> Quoting Blake Swensen (blake at
> > Many of you are in the same boat, where customers fall behind and
> > collections letters still do not seem to grab their attention.
> >
> > Short of changing passwords, does anyone have a best practices method of
> > temporarily preventing access to email boxes temporarily. In most of
> > these cases, once the customer has paid, I would like to turn back on
> > the email boxes.
> >
> Reject incoming email but allow access to the mailbox so that your
> customer can retrieve mail you have already accepted.  Rejecting
> further email notifies the senders that the email was not delivered
> and they can contact your customer by other means.
> A recent court case ruled in favor of a plaintiff that claimed they
> were denied access to important email and lost a large contract
> because email was accepted but not delivered to the plaintiff.  I
> think it was a Canadian case but with the legal climate in most
> countries today why take a chance.
> IANAL, but I do host mail for a number of legal firms.
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> John Capo
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