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Andrew Karjagin Andrew.Karjagin at
Tue Sep 9 01:44:13 PDT 2003

Hello James Godwin 

I am using DrWeb ( or on two servers (freebsd and linux) with 4000 mailboxes.
It work for me with Exim4+MySQL+Qpopper.
No one e-mail virus is going through my servers. Very good antivirus with evaluation key - you can config and test your server before buy antivirus. Antivir databases updates every day. It have versions of program for any MTA.

Пн, 08.09.2003 19:15:21 you wrote:
JG> Hi,
JG> There has been no need for Anti Virus on our mail servers as most of our
JG> clients are Mac users and our windows clients have anti virus installed on
JG> their machines.
JG> Keeping windows virus updated updated is a mission so I was wondering what
JG> the ideal Anti Virus app I should use for our Sendmail and Qmail servers?
JG> Any ideas would be much appreciated.
JG> Kind regards,
JG> James
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