default file creation umask php4+apache

Evren Yurtesen eyurtese at
Sun Sep 7 14:29:06 PDT 2003

I wonder how to set the default file creation umask of the php?

I dont want to set this in my scripts! I want to make the setting system
wide available. 

This kind of interesting because first my php scripts created files with
mode 755, and then when I changed the tmp directory they started to be
created with mode 700 and now I realized that they are created by 777
mode. Because of some weird reason...

I already tried to set the umask while starting apache but it doesnt seem
to effect. I also tried to change the umask in /etc/login.conf and it also
doesnt seem to effect. I am not sure if I did a mistake though. Do you
have any suggestions or experiences?



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