Chosing a hosting server.

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You already seem to know enough i would say. Using DUMMYNET between your 50
wireless nodes would control them enough for a start. With hardware for your
servers, it should be simple enough. Just don't purchase cheap crap and
you'll be fine.


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I have about one day to build the network infrastructure.
I've been running services with misc purpose as long as I can remember but
it's the first time when I have to plan a setup for 5000 users.
What I am most worried about is what kind of hardware to use.
I.e I am not sure if I can set up failover FreeBSD servers as the main
front routers for my network. The deal is I would get fiber optical cable
to my server room which will get hooked to a Cisco router. Then I have to
devide the network between about 50 wireless nodes, each with 50-90 mbit
All the nodes have to talk to my server park with misc services like bw
limiting, mail,web,radius for user auth, live streaming etc.
Now, I have no idea how to hook the nodes together with the servers behind
my routers so that the traffic doesn't get choked.
I would have to limit bw of the users on those front routers as well, most
propably with DUMMYNET or ALTQ.
I also have to plan server(s) for web and email hosting. I have to deceide
how to split them, what CPU's to use and how much HD space (each user will
get about 30 megs of email and 30 megs of web space).
I can set up all the services with my eyes closed but I have zero
experience with that big amount of traffic.
Please give me an advice guys, I really feel lost here :)

Thanks a lot in advance.


> Just about managing users,emails and quota's,
> a program like plesk would probably do it. I don't know a lot about it,
> but it might be worth having a look at.
> Regards,
> 	Lachlan
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> Martin,
> DNS should allow you to split the mail from the web by pointing the MX
> and the A records to different places.  Ditto for ftp, if that is set up
> with a different URL (such as  So you could have 3
> servers doing different services.  The database could be on any of the
> servers as long as you can mount the filesystem on the other two.
> I'll let someone else answer the question about the tools - I would also
> be interested in that answer.
> Charles Hatvany
>>>> Martin Jessa <freebsd at> 8/28/03 9:15:32 AM >>>
> Hi.
> I am planning setup of misc services for an Wireless ISP.
> They want to host mail and websites of their users.
> The server will run mail (imap, pop3), web and ftp services which will
> all authenticate users against the same sql database.
> They want to have about 5000+ customers.
> Each of the users will have granted 30 megs web space and about the same
> for their emails.
> The problem is chosing a server that can handle all that. I could split
> the services between different servers but I am not aware of an
> application that can allow me to do so.
> Any suggestions ?
> As I said I would also need some sort of tool to be able to easly handle
> things like adding new users with custom email and web quota, ability to
> add new email addresses for one user, it should also be able to talk to
> a radius server which will authenticate connections with the same
> database as the mail server.
> It does not have to be an open source application.
> Any help appreciated.
> Cheers,
> YazzY
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