how to implement a logging of a anonymous-cvs server

Marc Schoechlin ms-freebsd at
Tue Sep 2 05:42:12 PDT 2003

Hi !

I would like to implement a logging of a public anonymous-cvs server.

How can I get a logile which gives me information
about any access to the repository 
(regardless of the type of access)?

I know that there is a logfile which contains the commit-
add-, and remove-operations (CVROOT/history).

The background of this question is, that I´m maintaining
a small open-source-project, and I would like know who is 
using and testing my software :-))

If I activate logging for inetd, also all the other inetd-sessions
are logged (i.e. ftp-transfers) - and that decreases the free space
of  my harddisk very quickly :-))

Maybe there is a way to decrease the logging of inetd/syslogd 
to cvs-connections ?
Best regards

Marc Schoechlin


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