Multi-Homed Routing

Sten Daniel Sørsdal sten.daniel.sorsdal at
Mon Sep 1 02:27:10 PDT 2003

> this solution would work if you had alot of extra cash 
> stashed away, just 
> waiting to be used, which i dont think is the case here. yes 
> bgp is the 
> accepted solution but is way too expensive to implement.

> > However.
> > 
> > You could achieve almost the same effect by using a script to
> > check if both gateways are up and if one goes down it automatically 
> > changes the default route to the working ISP.
> > Then automatically adjust your DNS pointers to the new ip 
> address(es).
> kudos to the venerable ping.


> > 
> > Your public ip address(es) will change, and hence some people wont 
> > be able to reach your site until their DNS's are updated. Some 
> > people have caching DNS's that wont expire a record for a long time 
> > to not generate alot of traffic and wont reach your site at all.
> > 
> Stan, Cant someone use dyndns? wouldnt it be easier to use?

Sten :)

Dyndns is one of many similar solutions, of course someone could use dyndns.
I do believe that dyndns has the same "flaw" i describe above, but that is a
local dns management issue. So yes.

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