mailserver for 2,500 users on Intel platform

Ted Cabeen secabeen at
Wed Apr 30 09:34:36 PDT 2003

martin mcflysr <martin at> writes:

> Somebody  has experience of creation of a mail server with use Postfix
> for service of 2500 users (smtp/pop3) on Intel platform ?
> Whether it is possible to inform the information on a configuration of
> such server (processor/memory/discks/OS)?

2500 users is nothing.  You could do that on any machine bigger than
500Mhz with 256MB of memory without any problems.  Disk should be how
ever much you think you'll need.  On average, each user will eat up
about 5MB of disk space with POP accounts, and somewhat more with

If you want to add site-wide SpamAssassin spam-filtering, you'll want
a 1Ghz machine at least, preferably with multiple processors, or
you'll need to offload the spam-filtering to a seperate box or boxes.

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