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Kurt Jaeger lists at complx.LF.net
Tue Apr 29 12:53:07 PDT 2003


> Hi Kurt, looks like an interesting option but unfortunately I can't reach
> AVM.DE website.
> Is it a card for "ADSL over ISDN" (single RJ-45 jack) or it has two separate
> jacks (RJ-11 + RJ-45)?

It has two seperate jacks.

> The two of them make different use of spectrum.

> Down here in Italy, if you have BRIs/PRIs and order ADSL, the incumbent will
> come and install a second "dry loop" (no dial tone, nor phone number) over
> which you use ADSL without any need for spliters or filters.

Aha. In Germany, the incumbent will provide a splitter and one
has to purchase a DSL-modem -- or use a router/whatever with a
ADSL chipset on it.

The AVM has the ADSL port and an ISDN in parallel.

Whow, what a mess the telcos made out of a simple product...

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